Cleaning cloths

Universal cloth for jewellery, jewelry and coins - "Jewellery Wipes"

(there are 25 pieces in the box, but it is sold also in 1 piece packing)  

Dirty jewellery or one with patina burnish using the cloth. At the beginning of using the box open it, get from center of rolled cloths the end of cloths chain and get it through the hole in closure. Then close the box, sever the first cloth from others and clean the jewelery using it. The cloth is suitable for cleaning of many different metals, mainly gold, silver, platinum, anticor, copper, aluminium and so on. Using clean new cloth you can also burnish pearls, all soft gem materials (aproximately under 5th level of Mohs hardness scale of minerals: amber, coral, tuquoise, tyrkenit, selenit, alabaster, jade...). Dirty used cloth throw away to paper basket.

Pack: 25 pieces in a closable box, dimensions of 1 cloth are 12 x 7 cm.

Cleaning cloth for gold and silver jewelerry - "UltraSoft Cloth"

Dirty jewellery or one with patina burnish using white cloth till it became cleaned and then burnish it with violet cloth to great brillance. For very dirty jewellery use cleaning liquids from Connoisseurs before. This cloth is ideal for surface cleaning and burnishing chains and jewellery with large surface to clean.

Pack: Dimensions of the cloth are 28 x 35 cm - there are 2 cloths stitched together - white one with active chemicals and violet one for burnishing.

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